Cry Love - Out Now!

The John Hiatt deep cut covered by your favorite Bayou Boys


What’s with the name?

The first neighborhood we (Johnny and I) lived in where significant memories were made is a cozy little spot spitting distance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette called Arbolada. We had an old white rental house there. We became best friends with Max Adams who lived next door, our hand prints are still in the pavement on the street. It’s probably still my favorite neighborhood in the whole world.

I think the classic American neighborhood is a great model for any band. It’s a coming together of different people from different places and backgrounds trying to live in harmony. Obviously in a band you share a lot more than a neighborhood, but I think people don’t realize how important their neighborhood is for the trajectory of life. They say “it takes a village to raise a child”, and I guess, Arbolada sort of felt like a little village to me. It’s also just a great neighborhood for learning to ride a bike (it’s a giant loop with just the right amount of bumps in the sidewalk from tree root growth to get some serious air time). So yeah... thats where the name Arbo comes from. We Also just like how it looks and sounds


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